Sun. Aug 9th, 2020

The Best Restaurants In India

 Indian foods name to z, there are so many various kinds of restaurants available in India.And so many kinds of dishes popular in India. The restaurant is a kind of business that is prepared for food and served to the customer.

The non-vegetarian dishes are sought more than ever. The flavors are derived from the Mughals, Nawabs and the Arabs. With the many health benefits of chicken and meat, the majority of Indians and fans of Indian food love the way it tastes with the country’s rich spices and other ingredients. If you love non-vegetarian food, then here is a list of food that you should try in India.

Dum Pukht

Dum pukht is one of the best restaurants in New Delhi.

This delicious soup is very popular and is the best place for you to enjoy many other non-vegetarian foods. Their biryani is great, they are providing so many types of non-veg food.

Haleem from Hyderabad

Hyderabad famously represents Haleem. Everyone who visits Hyderabad doesn’t leave the city without tasting one. Haleem is popularly available during Ramadan. It is just like a stew made of meat, lentils, and wheat. The dish also takes longer processing time and is very rich in taste and nutrition.

Tunde kabab from Lucknow

Tunde Kabab is an Awadhi cuisine and is very popular in Lucknow. Due to its widespread popularity, many tuned kabab outlets have been opened at various locations in Lucknow and other states as well. But if you want to enjoy the Tundey kababs at their best, try them at Shirmal Wali Gali and Naaz Cinema Road.

chulhe chauki da Dhaba Banglore

chalha chauki da is one of the best restaurants in Banglore city. its located in Marathalli, its a totally like a Punjab Dhaba, they are providing all kind of food. it is famous for its food, due to the quality of food, in Bangalore, there are so many branches is available .ex. jp Nagar, Mahadev Pura, etc, they made a portion of delicious food, you should never miss this restaurant.

Keema Matar from Delhi

The non-veg recipe that tops the list is the keema Matar of Delhi.made with a combination of ground meat and peas. It is an extremely delicious dish to have with rice or roti.

I hope we have included all the information about  Indian foods name to z. Please keep in touch with us for more updates. Thanks for readings