Sun. Aug 9th, 2020

Best Fine Dine Restaurants in India You Should Visit in India

For the food lover in India restaurants play a major role in providing different types of cuisines to their customers. This article will help you find some of the best fine dine restaurants in India you should visit in India.

  • Indian Accent, New Delhi:

The Indian Accent restaurants in New Delhi this restaurant is vegetarian friendly and has different gluten free options in their cuisines.

  • Villa Maya, Thiruvananthapuram:

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If you are looking for Indian, Moroccan and Italian specialties then the Villa Maya in Thiruvananthapuram is the best restaurant you can visit.

  • Peshawri, ITC Maratha, Mumbai:

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With all the Indian and Asian Cuisines the peshawari in ITC Maratha Mumbai is the best stop for food lovers.

  • Karavalli, Bengaluru:

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They have the recipe of some of the best home cooks from the west coast of India and the cuisine includes Indian, seafood and Asian etc.

  • Bukhara, New Delhi :

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With Indian and Asian friendly cuisine the Bukhara is the best restaurant known popularly as vegetarian friendly.

  •  Thalassa, Vagator, Goa:

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With Seafood, Mediterranean and Greek cuisines in their menu the Thalassa, vegator, Goa is also the best you can get here.

  •  Malaka Spice, Pune:

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You’ll need to trust that your nourishment will be served, however once you dive into the nourishment you will love the pause.

  • Khyber, Mumbai:

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Venturing into the eatery takes you back in time, with its lavish entryways and works of art on the wall.

These all restaurants were the list of some of the best fine dine restaurants in India you should visit in India. Hope this article has given you enough information related to this topic.

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